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SeaBase contains genome data for the following species

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Species Note # Genomes NCBI Catalogue of Life
Adineta ricciae

This is the NCBI reference assembly for Adineta ricciae. Isolate ARIC003, GenBank Accession CAJNOJ010000001.1 Nowell et al 2021 (

1 NCBI Catalogue of Life
Adineta vaga

Adineta vaga, like other bdelloid rotifers, has a degenerate tetraploid genome with a high fraction of horizontally transferred genes and an unusual catalogue of transposable elements

1 NCBI Catalogue of Life
Ciona intestinalis

The tunicate Ciona intestinalis, the yellow sea squirt, or sea vase, is a model for studies of chordate evolution and development

1 NCBI Catalogue of Life
Crassostrea gigas


1 NCBI Catalogue of Life
Nematostella vectensis


1 NCBI Catalogue of Life
Octopus bimaculoides

Octpus bimaculoides, the California two-spot octopus or “bimac,” is a model for studying the evolution of the cephalopod nervous system.

2 NCBI Catalogue of Life