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Coral Microbiome Portal

The following is the old portal information and may not be current:

The Coral Microbiome Portal (CMP) database brings together next generation sequencing data of coral-associate microorganisms from studies conducted thoughout the world’s reefs, with the goal of enhancing knowledge and advancing understanding of coral-microbial relationships. The data are hosted on the CMP portal on the Marine Biological Laboratory’s VAMPS website, and are accessible for download, analysis, and visualization by anyone with a web browser. Visit the CMP to examine or download existing data, or use the private mode to view new sequencing data in comparison to the CMP data.

Project List - The individual projects with descriptions and metadata.

Distribution - The distribution of the projects on a world map.

Visualization and Analysis - A Coral Microbe centric VAMPS community visualization page.

View Metadata - A list of the metadata for the projects in this portal.

Protocol for uploading data to VAMPS